The Best Year

Dear friends,

Happy New Year! Happy New You!

May this year bring golden opportunities, magical moments, the right people and the most incredible experiences so far. May you be wise and open to accept the best of what Life has to offer you.

During the first days of January 2016 we had a moment of revelation and thought of creating a mini collection of ZEN Bracelets called “The Best Year”. With all this noisy resolution-making panoply via social media, we’ve come to realise that:

Every year has the potential of becoming our best year.

And without any doubt, it is within our power to make it the best, the happiest, the most profound, life-changing, spiritual-growing year there was.

We were also inspired by the wise words of our friend Linda, who is a trained specialist in Fitness & Nutrition. Between her New Year’s wishes, Linda had a great message to share: our New Year starts whenever we want. It may be on January 1st, on our birthday or on a random Monday morning. It all depends on us.

We are the true directors and the creators of our life.

That being said, we encourage you to make a commitment to yourself and make this year your best year!

Whatever you dream of, whatever you hope for, this is your chance to make it real.
Wait no more. Time is now!

Love & light,
Bianca and the Best-Year-creating Zen Project Team

© Photos by Andrei Marin 

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