Don’t Be Afraid of Change

Dear friends,

It’s freezing in Bucharest!
It’s raining, it’s cold and wet.

We turned the heater on and made some tea, we’ve put some music on and things start to look brighter and cosier already.

Today we wanted to bring up a subject that’s been on our mind for the last 24 h. As you may have noticed, we made some aesthetic changes around here. Truth be told, this is our third website redesign so far.

And we like that! We embrace change, especially when it comes along with a feeling of enthusiasm and passion.

You see, we are anything but web developers or web designers; we are just normal people who are fond of pretty things and who try to surround themselves with things they love, as much as they can.

This is the reason behind this transformation: we simply didn’t get the same thrill when we entered this sacred space called ‘blog’. For us, this is one of the most important ways to communicate with you, our friends and customers, so it was only natural to bring some changes to our virtual home.

Which brings us again to change, as the subject of our conversation.

Change is usually attached to fear – fear of the unknown, fear of not being able to control things, fear of failure etc. Even if it is for a split second, our minds (and egos!) seem to be internally designed to turn on the fear button as soon as we pronounce the word “change”.

We know this because we went down this road one too many times.

Luckily, as years went by, we learned a valuable lesson:

Fear = Obstruction, standstill, discontinuance 
Change = Progress, expansion, flow

The question is: what would you rather have in your life? Would you rather feel stuck and somehow ‘comfortable’ or would you rather take the risk and feel alive, exposed, in the flow?

This is a question only you can answer. As for us, we try to embrace change as often as we can, because the feeling we get when things turn alright or even better than expected is priceless and unbeatable.

Having this in mind, we encourage you to make those changes that will make you feel stronger, wiser and happier.

Even little changes, like choosing a healthy snack instead of fast-food or having a house/website makeover will do the job. Everything counts.

Start your day with an open mind and try to see things from a different perspective. 

Try something new, change your mind, change your vision, challenge the status quo.

Welcome change and feel alive!

Wishing you a great day ahead,
Bianca & The change-accepting Zen Project Team

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