Living your dream: what I’ve learned so far

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First of all I want you to know, dear reader, that it’s not easy to open up my heart and to share with you some of my most intimate thoughts. But I decided some time ago, that I will let all fears aside and put myself out there…and just let my thoughts run freely each time I hit the keyboard of my laptop.

What I wanted to share with you today is the crazy adventure of living one’s dream, my dream that is, and trying to make a living out of it. Some of you, old friends of mine, already know my story, but I will tell it once again, for those of you who are just getting to know me through my writing.

For the past decade I’ve been so proud to be working in the corporate world as a business consultant. I conducted numerous executive search projects for big companies and delivered excellent C-level candidates. What can I say? I looooved the job. I lived (for) my job. I gave it 100% of my time, brain, heart and attention. You may say I had a dream job and you wouldn’t be wrong.

Until one day when…I had another dream. I gave birth to my baby girl, Zara, and the next thing I know is that my creativity and thirst for writing exploded. Flooded me. And changed my world forever. The world as I used to know it was something like this: early morning meetings, coffee, traffic, adrenaline, tight deadlines, interesting projects, excellent clients, excellent candidates, business lunches, fully booked agenda, business conferences, a great team on my side and a highly-regarded position. That was my universe for years and years. And then I exchanged it all for…quiet mornings, sweet kisses and warm hugs from my golden girl, numerous walks in the park, play dates, colors, fairy-tales and toys. Me-time. A blog and a business. Customers. No real deadlines…just self-imposed ones. Adrenaline. Coffee. Creativity. Endless ideas and projects. Planning, strategy, marketing, advertising. Customs. Packaging. Shipping. Customer care. All by myself. This is my world now. This is the dream I once dreamed and now I’m actually living it.

Last summer, I was sitting in my mother’s rose garden and asked for an idea – a business idea that would allow me to spend time with my daughter & still be professionally/socially active. God was listening as always and sent me THE idea. A detailed plan that I wrote down in the next hour and implemented over the next months.

Today I am indeed living my dream and though it’s a sweet journey so far, there are also detours & bumpy passages on the road. The thing is, I realized that the challenging part is not the actual leap of faith…but the daily living of your dream. The constant auto-motivation. The eternal battle with your self-sabotaging skills & doubts (we all have them). The invariable disappointments you get from third parties, unbudgeted expenses and unexpected delays of shipment. Naysayers. Know-it-all people. High-raised eyebrows and the eternal question:” You left a well-paid, steady job to handle everything on your own? Even long queues at the customs office?” The answer is yes. Yes, I left the familiar world I once knew to enter a completely new territory, to explore it in its vastness & complexity and then to find the perfect place to set up my camp. This adventure is not a piece of cake…it’s actually baking my own cake…and then eating it too.

Well, this was the introduction and if I didn’t scare you off, I’ll be back with more next time. There are plenty of experiences and lessons worth sharing.

But before I go, I want you to know that taking the plunge and diving into the unknown was the best and bravest decision I ever made. And that there are no regrets, not even a single one.

Have a great afternoon,



  1. Ah beautiful and brave to open up like that. Wish you the best of luck and glad I stumbled upon ya, can’t wait to see how your journey plays out and good luck! 🙂

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